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So, this is What a Thy Art is Murder Album Sounds Like


Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War - ArtworkI don’t hate Thy Art is Murder nearly as much as Axl does. For me it’s always been more like “Band is totally mediocre;” not great, but not woefully bad either. Just kind of there, filling a slot in the broader genre of deathcore / death metal with lots of breakdowns or whatever you wanna call it.

Thing is, with all the hate lobbed their way on this site and elsewhere I’m not sure if I’ve ever sat down and listened to a full Thy Art is Murder album, or more than a song or two here and there. I do remember watching them at Summer Slaughter last year and thinking it was funny that the singer came out on stage wearing a windbreaker (in the middle of the summer, indoors… gotta work up a sweat, I gues?), but otherwise not having much of an opinion.

So: here’s the new Thy Art is Murder album Holy War. The first song is actually really catchy. But since then I’ve kind of zoned out and it’s all blending together. My initial impression of this band stands but I’ll stick with the rest of the album and see if my opinion changes.

Holy War comes out next week via Nuclear Blast. Order it here.

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