Five Finger Death Punch’s Video for “Jekyll and Hyde” is… Good?!?!

  • Axl Rosenberg

ffdp knitting
Five Finger Death Punch’s new single, “Jekyll and Hyde,” is fucking terrible. Like, I’ve had fillings done without anesthesia, and that was more pleasant than listening to this stupid piece of crap song, which sounds like a Mad TV parody (yup, not even good enough for SNL) of a 90s metal tune.

Given the, um, severity of my feelings about FFDP and this stupid, stupid song, you know I’m being sincere when I praise the new “Jekyll and Hyde” video.

The premise of the meta clip is that the band is trying to brainstorm ideas for this very video, and each member eventually enacts his suggested concept. Granted, vocalist Ivan Moody’s parts are a little too straight-forward to be funny, and at least one putz has to be futzing around with a gun because Christ forbid we forget what badasses FFDP are. But even that dude (I think it’s Zoltan Bathory but I always confuse these fucking guys) is wearing silly bear slippers, and but the other three fingers of the Death Punch’s bits are actually entertaining.

The MVP award, though, goes to bassist Chris Kael, who not only has all the best parts of the video, but is wearing a chtulu shirt, demonstrating a healthy sense of humor about his facial hair. Watch:

FFDP’s new album, Got Your Six, is out August 28.

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