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Knot(zi)Fest: Does Slipknot Know About Inquisition Controversy?

  • Anso DF


Last April, MetalSucks reported on the troubling past of Inquisition, an awesome black metal duo based in Seattle. Several years ago, it is alleged, the members of Inquisition did dumb stuff like pose with a big swastika, spout sub-retarded racist speech on the internet, and associate with avowed hatemongers. A fan of their last few records may have never noticed, for recent Inquisition’s vibe isn’t exactly earthly; they’re mystics, not racists. But fans still had a dilemma, thanks to a fuzzy statement from Inquisition frontman Jason “Dagon” Weirbach. In it, he failed to acknowledge what is documented and so failed to state that any hateful shit is bound to Inquisition’s past. And now fans are left with no sense that it’s completely absent from Inquisition’s future.

It matters to fans, who basically comprise Inquisition’s shareholders. And it might matter to Slipknot, Live Nation, Rockstar Energy Drink, and the other contributors to Knotfest this October in California. The weekend fest counts Inquisition as part of the line-up on its extreme metal stage, but its bookers may knot know the troubling implications of hiring this kind of embattled band for their big-time fest.

As far as Knotfest is concerned, it may not matter if there’s actual “fire” — the “smoke” has enough potential to damage. After all, neo-Nazi imagery and half-hearted denials aren’t exactly compatible with Slipknot’s brand, or with singer Corey Taylor’s authorship of “tough love” social commentary, or with fucking anything really. Plus, mainstream business runs from the very suggestion of that shit, just ask Donald Trump. It need not be legit. Perception is everything. This is not Maryland Deathfest.

But it’s no solution to similarly dump Inquisition from Knotfest. Instead, maybe the Knotfest combine can leverage or otherwise facilitate a solution in which Weirbach saves face and fans enjoy some peace of mind about his intentions. Inquisition should become a bigger band and must do so unhindered by pride and/or Pride. They aren’t being told what to believe, but it’s fair to inform investors about the precise use of their resources. That’s what Inquisition has yet to do. Does Slipknot know that?

Slipknot’s publicist did not respond to a request for comment.

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