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Megadeth and Lamb of God Will Tour Together, Chris Adler Will Pull Double Duty on Drums


Mustaine and Loureiro and AdlerWhen Chuck and Godless hosted Chris Adler on the MetalSucks Podcast in June they asked Adler whether he’d ever be able to join Mustaine and on the road. Adler’s answer was diplomatic enough: “I’d love to do that if the timing works out, but Lamb of God is my main squeeze.” I’m paraphrasing there, but that was the gist.

What Adler didn’t mention on the podcast — or perhaps he was just being coy, as these things tend to be planned way in advance — is that if Megadeth and Lamb of God ever did shows TOGETHER the timing would most certainly “work out,” you could say. And that’s exactly what’ll be happening when the two bands team up for five shows in the UK and Ireland this coming November with Children of Bodom and Sylosis, at which Adler will be pulling insane double duty that could easily amount to 2.5 hours of playing per night. Crikey!

There’s also the previously announced Megadeth appearance at Festival d’été de Québec this coming weekend (July 18th) at which Adler will be playing drums too.

So it seems as if Megadeth with Adler will be a thing that happens occasionally, when the stars align. At least until Megadeth fills that seat permanently with someone else; I doubt Mustaine would say “Hey man, you sit out this one show, Adler’s got it. Sorry, buddy, here’s your per diem and a lotto ticket.” So if you live in Quebec, the UK or Ireland… you lucky duck, you! Better take advantage of this opportunity to see something special.

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