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Exclusive Track Premiere: Akurion, “Yet Yee See Them Not” (feat. Members of Cryptopsy, Neuraxis)


AkurionHere’s the lineup for Quebecois death metal supergroup Akurion, whose name you likely haven’t heard before today:

Mike DiSalvo (ex Cryptopsy) – Vocals
Rob Milley (Neuraxis/Phobocosm) – Guitar
Olivier Pinard (Cryptopsy/Neuraxis/Vengeful) – Bass
Tommy Mckinnon (Conflux/ex-Neuraxis/ex-Augury) – Drums

That got your attention? We figured it would.

“Yet Yee See Them Not,” the first song we’re hearing from Akurion, sounds somewhat like you’d expect given the cast of characters involved in the project, and yet, at the same time it doesn’t. There’s a certain subtlety, a depth, a vibe present in this track that doesn’t borrow from any of the members’ past (and current) bands. It’s darker, more serious, more modern and a bit more experimental than most of the material those bands are pushing out these days. That’s reflected in the way the band recorded their album, as singer Mike DiSalvo explains:

We recorded the song without triggers or a click track. We wanted to preserve the live feel exactly like we have been playing them in the jam room… aggressive, tight and full of energy. Lyrically, the song is based on an HP Lovecraft story called “The Dunwich Horror,” one of my personal faves from that genius writer. The song title and theme were already set in stone but I ended up writing the lyrics after the song was complete so that the words fit well with arrangements and overall tone of the song.

“Yet Ye See Them Not” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Grid Studio by Cryptopsy guitarist Chris Donaldson. No word yet on an album or a release date, but we’ll most certainly keep you all informed.

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