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Jonathan Davis is Being Sued for Legal Fees Regarding Failed Serial Killer Museum



Korn’s Jonathan Davis seems to be busy of late, between his weird country project with Marilyn Manson and his solo work. He’s so busy, in fact, that he seems to have forgotten to pay his lawyer!

The PRP reports that Davis is being sued in regards to the ‘American Curiosity Museum,’ which was meant to showcase the belongings and art of serial killers. The project went under, and Davis was supposed to pay legal fees to the tune of of $158,407 in 2006, but he apparently stopped paying after two months. Now, his counsel is asking for $256,021, factoring in interest.

This is pretty fucking rough, but raises a couple of questions:

  • Jonathan Davis was curating a serial killer museum?
  • He knows that the Museum of Death in LA does this already, and that they’re really good at it, right?
  • Did perhaps the most famous metal singer alive think his legal counsel in this matter were just going to forget about all that fucking money?
  • How much more money do you think Jonathan Davis had in 2006 than he does now? Why not just pay it then?

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how far this goes; one assumes Korn has other lawyers who are good at helping them out of embarrassing shit like this. We’ll let you know if anything of note happens in this case.

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