Meet Your New MetalSucks Comments Section Moderator


Post #1 Photo - IntroductionIt’s been a long time coming, but MetalSucks is finally taking the plunge: we’re going to have a moderator in the comments section starting immediately.

We’re sure that will make some of you cranky, but hopefully this will ease your minds:

  • The moderator is longtime MetalSucks commenter and last year’s winner of the annual “Run MetalSucks for a Day” contest, Derek/Godless Angel. We asked Derek to be our moderator because he has a long history of being part of the MetalSucks community, and of leaving intelligent, level-headed comments, without just swinging from our nuts the entire time. Which leads us to…
  • The purpose of the moderator: Derek is not here to stop you from disagreeing with or insulting us or one another!!! We have spent almost a decade now making MetalSucks a place where people can come voice disparate opinions, often in a manner which is quite, um, passionate, and we have no intention of changing that now. Derek’s job is simply going to be to make sure that comments disagree with and/or insult our writers and/or their fellow commenters in the right way. By which we mean: you cannot use bigoted language, you cannot spam the comments section, and you need to have some sense of when a joke is appropriately offensive or just actually offensive. We can count on one hand the number of times we’ve banned a commenter from the site, and we don’t expect that number to go up very much. Basically, we just expect you to have a vague sense of basic human decency.

So rest easy knowing that you can still post #axfacts, wonder aloud how much Spotify is paying Vince for all the good press, question Anso and Emperor Rhombus’ sanity, and declare Sergeant D. to be the worst thing to happen to mankind ever. You’re just going to have to be ever-so-slightly less foul about how you do it.

-Axl, Vince, and Everyone at MetalSucks

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