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The Venom Black Metal Mask isn’t as Good as the Motörhead Mask


Earlier this year, horror mask company Trick Or Treat studios released the first-ever mask of Motörhead’s infamous Warpig, thus allowing an army of metalheads to indulge in perhaps their grossest sexual fantasies.

Well, now the artist who sculpted that mask, Rick Fisher, has done another metal homage mask, this time for the goat-guy from the cover of Venom’s Black Metal. And sadly, this one is…well, take a look for yourself.

blackmetalmaskbanner venommask2 venommask3

Not as good, right? The problem, if you ask me, is the adherence to the source material. The mask was obvious painted to try and capture the shadows of Black Metal‘s cover. But I feel like the mask would be more effective just reinterpreting that image in straight grays with normal shading. Let the wearer add the shadows themselves by just being in the shadows.

More to the point, I don’t think anyone really asked for this mask. The Warpig is a big 3D character, a mascot on the same level as Eddie. Hell, Motörhead even wore masks of the Warpig in the past. But I like Venom as much as the next guy, but the Black Metal goat dude was never someone I gave a shit about. He was just a Baphomet.

ANYway, if you want to rock this mask, you can order it from Fisher’s website. I’m sure you’ll be the life of Wacken 2016.

[via Blabbermouth]

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