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New Photo Book Headbangers Showcases The Visual Beauty of Metalhead Shakeyface



All photos property of Jacob Ehrbahn.

Headbanging is my chosen concert participation these days. I’m too old to mosh, too young to stay on a bar stool, and too fat to do any sort of sinuous dancing (GOD, I hate those dickfors acting like the pit is their capoeira studio). There’s nothing I love more than straining my neck with nonstop front-row thrashing…but man, am I glad I’ve never seen my face midway through it. I probably looks like Uncle Fester having an orgasm.

But Danish photographer Jacob Ehrbahn is out to reveal these moments of ecstasy. His new book, Headbangers, is a collection of photographs of metalheads caught mid-headbanging, and the results are pretty fucking rad. Here are some samples:

headbangers3 headbangers4 headbangers5

Right? Love the way the face- and neck-fat swings in one direction or the other. Who knew that headbanging makes your face do the same thing as astronaut training?

On top of that, the photos really capture the insane love that comes with losing yourself at a metal show. Even though most of the people in these pictures have really pained looks on their faces, you can tell they’re having the time of their lives. It’s one thing to photograph metalheads when they’re posing and partying and trying to look cool, but it’s another to get them when they’re far past that and just want to go apeshit.

Headbangers comes out September 29th from powerHouse Books. You can pre-order it here.

[via Blabbermouth]

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