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The Sword Shut Down Schools Due To “Early Snow”


The Sword 2015As an East Coaster who now lives in the fucking mountains, I’m always tickled when southerners freak out about snow. They get 3 inches and it’s like the world ended. Meanwhile, kids in Maine have to tunnel their way to school.

Obviously, The Sword are trying to get ready for another winter apocalypse to rock Austin, TX. Their new track, “Early Snow”, showcases the steps being taken by the band to prevent their whole country-fried stoner lifestyle from being stopped dead by a light flurry. They’ve laid down a solid barrier of thick riffs, and have even barricaded the door with a random horn section. There’s no way they’ll be trapped inside for days, forced to eat canned peaches by candlelight, thanks to their notable departure from their usual Sabbath worship!

Okay, enough of that. Here’s the song. The Sword’s new album, High Country, comes out August 21st.

[via Metal Underground]

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