New Metal Mad Libs Proves YouTube Commenters Are The Best Lyricists



We’re obviously big fans of Rob Scallon, whose brilliant videos have shown us that metal can be made anywhere and about anything. One of our favorites is Metal Mad Libs, in which Rob writes a metal song using entirely YouTube comments for the lyrics. It’s a nice reminder that it’s not metal vocalists who are irrelevant, it’s metal lyricists. Who cares what people are saying? It’s all about the growl.

This new episode of MML is especially solid–salad is punched, cheese is bought, and buckets are pined after during a heartbreaking acoustic section. What’s also interesting is that there are multiple lyrics this time around asking if the commenter’s lyrics are gonna be used. Obviously, Rob is picking up some followers. And hey, he’s showing his MetalSucks! That’s always nice.

Anyway, check out the video below. Spoiler alert: Rob has the bucket.

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