Laugh At Others' Misfortunes

Protest the Hero Guitarist Tim Millar Epicly Falls Off Stage in Russia


Tim Millar Protest the Hero fallingIt’s always a good thing when bands can have a sense of humor about themselves. Metal is so srs, and there’s nothing like a little slapstick comedy to lighten up the mood.

Not that Protest the Hero have ever been short on humor — they’ve made a living on it. But its still refreshing to get an email from a band that says, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Look at our derpy guitarist fall off the stage in the epic fashion.” The worst is that Tim was trying to do one of his fans a solid when the head-first tumble occurred by grabbing a selfie stick and taking some up-close video footage of the band directly from the stage. Says the band about the recent incident in St. Petersburg, Russia, and I direct quote this time, “He’s ok but his ego is badly hurt.”

Sorry, Timmy! Hopefully your beard cushioned the fall a bit and your guitar came out unscathed.

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