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Exmortus are the Latest Victims of the Disney House of Blues Banhammer



Though the House of Blues is a loud rock venue chain that serves whiskey, you should never forget that it’s owned by Disney and therefore adheres to a weird middle-American moral code that certain bands like Machine Head (probably for their political lyrics) and Skeletonwitch (probably for their violent lyrics) shouldn’t be allowed to play music for a live audience.

Well, now you can add Exmortus to that list. The band’s record label, Prosthetic, tweeted the following yesterday:

Which, of course, is some grade-A bullshit that shows complete ignorance of the music in question. Exmortus aren’t writing songs about cutting open pregnant women and feeding their unborn children to Satan’s army, they’re writing about sword-and-sorcery violence — something that plenty of Disney movies depict happily! Hell, Exmortus cover Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”!

I bet any band who sings about doin’ shots all night and getting ka-razy wouldn’t get looked at twice by Disney, even though alcoholism is far more of a threat to the moral fiber of America than violence that doesn’t even happen anymore because swords aren’t fucking allowed.

ANYway, the Mouse and the Nazi who created him can eat a thousand asses. Let’s just hope someone can somehow sneak a secret show by Devourment past them.

Get dates for Exmortus’s fall tour with Marty Friedman here.

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