For Today, World’s Most Homophobic Metal Band, Release Generic and Crappy New Single


For TodayOnce upon a time I had a job at a major record label at which I had to perform work for such fantastic, gifted bands/artists as Jason Mraz, Uncle Kracker and Staind. I have written about those experiences many, many times before in this space. I laugh at them now — and I gained a lot of experience by doing it, sure — but man, at the time it fucking SUCKED to have to pretend to be excited about that music.

I bring this up because I’m sure the rank-and-file workers at Razor and Tie — fine people! — breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when they learned they no longer had to pretend to like the world’s most homophobic metal band, For Today. There’s no way you can get through the day at one of those jobs unless you somehow convince yourself the music is good, or my personal favorite fallback line, how the dudes in the band are “the best guys.”

But Razor and Tie’s gain is someone else’s loss! Nuclear Blast was quick to pick up For Today after their exit from R&T, meaning that dozens of very good people at that label will now be forced 1) to pretend to enjoy For Today’s shitty, generic, 4th-generation metalcore ripoff music, and 2) to keep their yaps shut about their beliefs on gay marriage, Jesus, or any number of other potentially hazardous topics. All because some bean counters at the top decided selling units is more important than basic human rights.

Head down, do your job, work the band! But don’t worry, they’re such “good guys!” The best. Really hard-working!

Their music still blows goats. Here’s their new video for “Broken Lens,” which is exactly as generic as you’d expect. Their crappy new album comes will presumably come out sometime this fall, but personally I’m just waiting for one of the members to say something horribly homophobic and ignorant so we can score some clickbait headlines and traffic out of it.

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