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Decapitated Want to Decapitate Earache Records

  • Axl Rosenberg

decapitated earache albumsIn the mood to listen to one of the first four Decapitated albums on Spotify or some analogous music platform? Well, tough noogie for you!

In light of a legal battle with their former label, Earache, those records — 2000’s Winds of Creation, 2002’s Nihility, 2004’s The Negation, and 2006’s Organic Hallucinosis — have all been pulled from all streaming services:

That sucks bad enough, but you can’t even purchase digital copies of these albums right now — they’ve all been yanked from iTunes, and as of this writing, the only one I can find on Amazon is Nihility (which costs a mere six bucks, and you should definitely buy if you somehow don’t already own it/haven’t heard it — quick, before it gets pulled, too). I imagine physical copies will soon be off the proverbial shelves (or, for the three records stores in the world that are still in business and still selling death metal, the literal shelves).

This is the second time this summer fans have been denied access to great music as the result of a legal battle — Electric Wizard’s Time to Die remains in limbo while the band’s attorneys slug it out with former drummer Mark Greening, who claims he’s owed money for the record.

Hopefully this is resolved soon. Most of us probably already own these four albums, but still… having something not be on Spotify is goddamned frustrating, and who knows how many potential fans will slip through the band’s fingers as a result.

[via Lambgoat]

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