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Here are Eight Metal Covers of Toto’s “Africa”


Toto - AfricaToto’s 1982 smash hit “Africa” is an awesome song. Who can’t get down with that chorus? Come on, it’s undeniable.

The song also seems to lend itself particularly well to the metal cover treatment.

So when Gear Gods posted a cover of “Africa” by the band Circuitry, I got to thinking: “Haven’t other metal bands covered this before?”

The answer is a resounding “YES.”

GG commenter African Child chimed in with a version by Chaos Divine, and some quick YouTube trawling dredged up several more. So, here they are! The Circuitry and Chaos Divine versions, along with six others. I can’t imagine anyone will listen to all eight of these from start to finish but if you do, shit, more power to ya.

The Quietdrive version gets my vote because it’s the most different from the original, and I enjoyed the Robot Zombie Army version because Ben Robson. Kinda disappointed no one’s given “Africa” the TRULY brutal treatment, although Inimica’s live version almost gets there.

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