The Deth Knight Returns


The Deth Knight ReturnsRed Medusa Studio, the Russian animators behind last year’s unofficial, Batman-themed video for Dethklok’s “Face Fisted,” have returned with another unofficial, Batman-themed video for a Dethklok song — specifically, “Murmaider.” And as much as I liked the “Face Fisted” clip, this new offering is a massive improvement — and not just in terms of the animation. There’s way more going on in this video, which prevents it from becoming too much of a one-and-done joke; there are even MORE non-Batman, no-DC Comics characters included than there were last time, which will tickle my fellow nerds; and, perhaps most importantly of all, my concerns re: including both Robin #3, Tim Drake (now on lead guitars as Red Robin), and Robin #4 (kinda Robin #5), Damien Wayne. It’s the little things in life, ya know?


[via No Clean Singing]

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