Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Saturday To Drift Off Into My Blue Heaven

  • Kip Wingerschmidt


You know what they say: Once you go blue….you’re an honorary Jew.

No wait, that doesn’t sound quite right.  But l’chaim!

Maybe: Once you go blue….I’ll shower with you.

Hmm, close.  And accurate.  But not exactly what we’re looking for here.

How about: Once you go blue, everything starts anew.


color-thesaurus-correct-names-blue-shadesIt’s interesting how such a pretty color is used so often to signify depression.  I would have thought that a rich mohagany brown might induce glummer feelings, but naturellement that hue can also be quite lovely and inspiring in the proper context.

Which begs the question: can/should any color actually be deemed depressing?  Or ecstatic, for that matter?  We are simply better off not assigning any specific emotions to various regions of the color wheel and just letting the full spectrum of the rainbow chill super fucking hard as it sees fit…

heisenbergblueJust last week, calmly floating in the deep blue ocean had me feeling all sorts of peaceful.  The Smurfs never seem to be in low spirits, and they are the tr00est blue right?  And you’re goddamn right I wonder what ol’ WW would have to say about his signature color’s morose reputation.

One thing that is keeping my spirits high today (in addition to YOU) is this ripping new song recently premiered on Noisey by a brand new supergroup called Driftoff (featuring members of Junius, Rosetta, and City of Ships) that you will certainly be hearing plenty about soon enough if you haven’t already.

DO coverThe earnest, angular 90s-ish post-hardcore sound is just the tip of the iceberg here, and the band’s debut EP Modern Fear is coming out on 10/30 via Science of Silence Records.  Dig the new track on Noisey again, then pre-order the EP on vinyl from the band or label.

And while you’re waiting for that to arrive, grab a Jewberry blueberry muffin, grind up a few blue pills, and let’s sample some of the color’s finest musical offerings…




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