In Behemoth’s Video for “The Satanist,” Only The Strong Survey



Whether or not it topped your Best Of list last year, Behemoth’s The Satanist was the great metal album of 2014. Both bombastic and uncompromising while at the same time graceful and unique, The Satanist was an example of what one can do with death metal, and has garnered Behemoth the respect and attention they deserve.

Something I loved about the album was its uncommon approach to the subjects of Good and Evil. So many bands have written albums full of stereotypical angels and demons, heroes and villains. The Satanist looked at these metaphors across a broader spectrum, and confronted them with a healthy dose of reality.

The band’s video for “The Satanist” does just that, showing a weak soul trapped in an apathetic world where she cannot stand on her own two feet until she submits to the Powers That Be, subsequently damning herself. Visually fascinating and gorgeously produced, it’s a wonderful example of how simple yet elegant a metal video can be.

Watch “The Satanist” below. Note the reappearance of the demon lords from “Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel” towards the end.

[via Bloody Disgusting]

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