Deafheaven’s Kerry McCoy Has Used a Certain Homophobic Slur ALOT

Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images North America
Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images North America

Update: The allegations have been denied. Get details here. Original story follows.

Well, this is probably not the kind of publicity Deafheaven are looking for just a few days prior to the release of their album.

The PRP reports that that Kerry McCoy, guitarist for the already-divisive band, “has come under fire for alleged past usage of homophobic slurs on social media.” Some examples:


Given that McCoy is apparently a Morrisey fan (see photo at the top of this post), it’s hard to imagine that he’s an actual, dyed-in-the-wool homophobe, as opposed to “just” being a really immature, ignorant dude. Keep in mind that calling something “gay” or an uncouth synonym thereof has been, for the past thirty or forty years, an embarrassingly acceptable way for kids and adolescents to declare something to be “uncool.” My guess is, McCoy just never grew out of the habit. I’m not saying that makes his use of the word acceptable (who the hell wants to be described as “immature” or “ignorant”?) — he definitely needs to apologize and immediately stop using the word in any context — I’m just saying, I don’t think the guy is joining the American Family Association anytime soon. Just something to keep in mind when you verbally berate him in the future.

In any case, there is now a petition to keep Deafheaven from ever playing the Pitchfork Music Festival again, which you can sign here.

Meanwhile, we’ve just conducted a podcast interview with the band’s vocalist, George Clarke, which you can listen to here. But be forewarned: it was conducted before this business with McCoy took place, so it’s not addressed in the interview.

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