Audiotopsy are Calling, DO NOT ANSWER


Mudvayne members Matt McDonough (drums) and Greg Tribbett (gee-tars) have a new band together called Audiotopsy, who are absolutely fucking terrible. In fact, this is Tribbett’s second absolutely fucking terrible band: he’s also in Hellyeah. Personally, I find Audiotopsy negligibly less grating than Hellyeah, but they’re basically different versions of the same total bullshit: lowest-common-denominator drek marketed to a very specific lowest-common-denominator audience (Hellyeah — cowboys who fuck their sister, Audiotopsy — suburban alt kids who wish they could fuck someone, anyone),

Audiotopsy have now released a video for their song “The Calling,” and as is befitting such an absolutely fucking terrible band, it is itself absolutely fucking terrible. Taking advantage of the aforementioned suburban alt kids’ vulnerabilities, its message is basically…

being a teenager is no fun

…which is true, but I mean come on, get over yourself. The current average lifespan of a white American male is 76, which means a lot of people survive the horrors of adolescence just fine. That’s no excuse to start an absolutely fucking terrible band.

Watch the turd float in the toilet below. The band’s album is called Natural Causes and is out now on Napalm.

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