Exclusive Full-Album Stream: True Will by White Widows Pact


Set to be released this Friday, October 16 on New Damage RecordsTrue Will  by White Widows Pact is, without a doubt, one of the most confident and impressive debut full-lengths of 2015. Which, although not surprising — the Brooklyn quintet’s championship pedigree includes current and former members of Primitive Weapons, Goes Cube, and The Destro — is still good news for all lovers of great music!

True Will is the perfect cocktail of sugar and spice: addictively tasty, sickeningly caustic. The deep grooves of the guitars feel like they were carved out by the bare hands of desperate men, all of whom tore away their nails and dug their fingertips down to the bone. The percussions are a football game played with mallots, a stampeding herd of rhinoceros on fire. The vocals are so harsh they hurt the throats of listeners. It’s all so expertly constructed that once you hit “play,” turning it off before it’s over is an impossibility.

What we’re saying is: this album wrecks. You need to hear it.

Stream True Will below in advance of its release Friday. Then pre-order it here!!!

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