Former All That Remains Bassist Jeanne Sagan Joins Five Finger Death Punch Lite Crossing Rubicon, May be a Worse Singer Than Phil Labonte


We never reported on it because who gives a shit, but bassist Jeanne Sagan has parted ways with All That Remains. I have seen Sagan perform live with that band several times, and I maintain that for all the energy and charisma she brought to the stage, ATR could have replaced her with a cardboard cutout and a backing track. Instead, they hired a guy who used to be in Bury Your Dead, which is great news for him.

Now Sagan has re-emerged as part of a band called Crossing Rubicon, FFO FFDP. You may look at their promo photo up there and wonder why the fuck there’s all that fake rain in there, but then you learn that the band is fronted by a guy who goes by the name of “Scott Anarchy,” and suddenly the lameness of it all makes perfect sense.

Mr. Anarchy, by the way, is Ms. Sagan’s betrothed. I know there’s a great Jeanne Sagan-Anarchy/Sherri Moon Zombie joke to be made here, but I can’t think of it right now, because I lose brain cells every time I consider that in 2015 there is a guy who calls himself “Scott Anarchy.”

But lest ye think that Ms. Sagan is once again just playing sidekick to some tool, you should know that she also sings vocals in Crossing Rubicon. It is possible she is more heavily auto-tuned that her former bandmate, Phil Labonte.

You can watch Crossing Rubicon’s MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award-worthy video “Unhinged” below. The band’s debut album, x, is expected in January. No word on when to expect Scott Sagan-Anarchy, Jr.

[via The PRP]

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