CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: Musical innovation died with MySpace :(


If u are old enough to remember the reign of Myspace, u know that it was a hotbed of musical innovation that hasn’t been seen before or since. For those who were brave/bored enough to sift thru the Blingees, spammy bulletins and Tila Tequila/Forbidden wannabes, a seemingly endless stream of awesome new music waited to be discovered. Think about it: how many of ur favorite bands of the last 5-8 years were found by browsing thru some other band’s top 8??

Was there something special about myspace from a user experience or technology standpoint? Not rly, in fact it kind of sux on both counts. But it was the first time that so much new music was not only so accessible but also so easily shared, which made it a fertile breeding ground for kids all over the world to discover new shit, then make their own music incorporating those influences and immediately distribute it directly to their fans.

Sure, there was a ton of garbage and short-lived trendcore that deservedly met a swift demise, but if u think about it, it was the foundation of 2day’s scene– I’m trying to think of current big bands that DIDN’T get their start on Myspace and I’m struggling to think of many. In fact, now that I think about it, I am starting 2 think that the Myspace era was the last time we saw real innovation in the “”alternative music”” scene.

lms if u want a Myspace deathcore revival and a new crop of bands that sound like JEROME, ABACABB or “Desolation Of Eden”-era CHELSEA GRIN

A short list of innovations from the myspace years includes sumeriancore, risecore, crunkcore, easycore, neon pop, deathcore and bands like BMTH, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, CARNIFEX, SUISIDE SILENCE, VEIL OF MAYA, BORN OF OSIRIS, CASH CASH, SKRILLEX, OF MICE & MEN, JFAC and zillions of less successful “”real m*tal”” bands that u probably like. Please note that it does not matter whether you like or don’t like any of the above genres or bands, the point is that people were trying a lot of new things and that was cool and exciting.

Whether u want to admit it or not, deathcore in particular was the breath of fresh air that death m*tal needed, putting a fresh coat of paint on a stagnant genre and bringing a ton of new kids and new influences into the world of “”extreme metal.”” The bands and fans in the deathcore scene had the kind of genuine enthusiasm and sincere passion that “”real m*tal”” had long since lost– it was a reminder of the excitement i felt back in the days tape trading and zines, and unfortunately I think it’s largely died along with myspace.

(Note, please do not comment about how ur ‘happy to see all that crap die and make room for REAL m*tal bands like WHITECHAPEL.’ We get it, u h8 everything that isn’t for neckbeard virgins, there is no need to restate your excessively strong, negative opinion for the zillionth time)

JFAC were the poster children for the fresh, exciting deathcore movement and now they are the poster children for how all those bands turned into boring, generic death metal after myspace imploded :(

In stark contrast 2 the explosion of wild, unrestrained experimentation of the Myspace era, the post-Myspace “”heavy music”” scene has essentially been defined by ppl rehashing old shit: the mini nu-metal revival (every newer band citing LINKIN PARK and SLIPKNOT as influences), soft grunge bands like TITLE FIGHT copying NIRVANA, neothrash, shoegaze, the New Wave Of American Hard Rock (OM&M, BMTH, etc turning into “active rock” bands), vest metal, ridethelightningcore, and so forth. While some of this stuff is decent, it is hard to dispute the fact that there is nothing new here– djent is really the only significant new trend I can think of in “heavy music” since the Myspace years.

My friends, it’s time to recapture the spirit of fearless innovation that defined Myspace. Take off the chains of “”good taste”” and take urself back to the time when u stayed up all night finding new bands, challenging urself, and weren’t scared of doing crazy new shit that could be awesome or could fall on its face but either way u had fun making it and that’s all that really matters. Myspace itself might be dead, but its spirit can live on forever in our hearts. Do something new and different today, I promise it will feel good to color outside the lines again ♥

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