Listen: Look Right Penny Duo’s New Band, Dear Apollo

  • Anso DF

Our Back To The Future II dreams haven’t come true yet. Like, you’ve never landed a car in an alley. Nor has your jacket ever adjusted to your body automatically. No telescoping baseball bats. It’s a letdown, but on the other hand, real dreams can come true: The band Look Right Penny is back!

We left LRP under a cloud last April: Their singer was unwell, the band had dispersed, there were no real plans. That it seemed like a bigger-than-usual shame was because their 2012 debut was so awesome. And also because they were raw; LRP’s second album would be even better in every category. And also also because guitarist Cotee Embry and singer Mariel Diaz-Carrion revealed themselves to be delightful and mellow in a fun MetalSucks interview. Then it all ended right after it started. Bummer.

But it’s started again: Diaz-Carrion and Embry are now Dear Apollo and their new jam is “Into The Darkness.” It arrived last week, as did a Facebook page that states the duo has relocated to San Diego from Deicide Country. Soon we’ll get more info on the move, their surely traumatic last couple years, and their plans. For now crank it up!

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