Poll: Which Band Has the Silliest Nickname for its Fans?


Today’s revelation that Lacuna Coil refer to their fans as “Coilers” got me thinking: a lot of metal bands have very silly nicknames for the fans, don’t they?

Seriously, this is just off the top of my head:

  • Maggots — Slipknot fans
  • Droogies — Megadeth fans
  • Berserkers — Black Label Society fans
  • Decepticons — Emmure fans
  • Knuckleheads — Five Finger Dead Punch fans
  • Avengers — Avenged Sevenfold fans

And, of course, there are Juggalos — fans of Insane Clown Posse, who aren’t really a metal band, but certainly have one foot firmly planted in the world of metal.

And I’m sure there are a jillion others I’m either not thinking of or don’t even know about on account of not liking the band. (Are Korn fans called “Kornholers”? If not, can we just pretend that they are?) I think the trend can be traced back to The Kiss Army, but there may be even earlier examples of which I’m not aware.

The reason bands do this is simple: it makes their fans feel like they’re part of a collective. Part of a family. In theory, at least, it endears the band to the people who pay to see the band.

Still, it is, like I said, pretty silly, isn’t it?

But… which one is the silliest?!?!

I leave it to you, dear MetalSucks Suckalos, to decide. Vote below. I’m leaving an “add your own option” for the ones I forgot. I’m curious to see who wins — or, rather, loses — this battle.

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