What a wild, unpredictable time in the world.

Tragedies left and right, heartache and suffering all around us…..sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what the hell we’re fighting for anyway.

But the show must go on, right? Some of us may have the unusual power to transcend time and space but that doesn’t nullify either, So there’s really no choice except to trudge through the tough moments and remain steadfast in our personal missions while attempting to spread goodness to those who need it most.

These are the headiest of days, and it’s easy to get swept up in the negative aspects of it all, but hopefully we all continue to be grateful for and inspired by our loved ones and foster/further our own strength and creativity in whatever form it takes.

I’m here for you.

PS — after the first handful of songs below, which I can take credit for (along with Joe from The Bent Unit for the live version pick of the first Sly tune), you have this impossibly pukey cheesy playlist from Fuse to thank for the rest — except for the very last one, that’s my selection as well…

sly & the family stone live ~ Thank You by Soul-Brother

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