Every Time I Die Fan Sneaks Into Band’s Dressing Room, Provides Helpful Critique of Drummer


Massively passionate metal fan that I am, sometimes, when I meet a musician I really admire, I fear that I’m behaving too much like giant, stalkerish punisher.

Then I hear stories like this one, from Every Time I Die guitarist Jordan Buckley, and I feel like my behavior is probably perfectly appropriate:

The PRP points out that “the story is made even more amusing by the fact that Keith Buckley isn’t even on tour with the band at the moment” — letlive.’s Jason Butler is subbing for Buckley for while the vocalist deals with some personal family business at home.

The drummer in question, by the way, is former Norma Jean skinsman Daniel Davison, who, I’m sure, appreciates the constructive criticism. If only some fan had snuck into Metallica’s dressing room way back when, who knows what kind of drummer Lars Ulrich would be today!

[via The PRP]

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