Help This Musician Find the Person Who Sent Him a Free Guitar 15 Years Ago


Get those tissues ready: this one’s a real tear-jerker.

Fifteen years ago, an Israeli teenager and metalhead named Arnold Nesis — with parents who were both unwilling and unable to support his drive to be a musician — took to the Internet to acquire a guitar in any way possible. After emailing nearly two dozen people with open auctions on eBay, Arnold convinced an American man named Bill Doran to send him a guitar he was selling if the auction didn’t land a buyer. Doran paid for shipping and everything, and the rest is history: Nesis is now a professional musician all thanks to that incredibly generous donation.

Fifteen years later, Nesis is trying in vein to find the man that kickstarted his career in hopes of finally paying him back. Previous attempts to find him on Facebook have proved unsuccessful, so he’s created a video in the hopes it would reach a larger audience. To date it’s got over 1.7 million views… but that’s still not enough to root out the guitar’s donor! Watch the video below, spread it and share it, and let’s see if we can help Nesis repay his debt. Or, if you happen to know a Bill Doran who owned a pawn shop around 1999/2000, email Arnold directly at [email protected].

Thanks to Guy First for sending this in!

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