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Myrkur’s Amalie Bruun: “I Am Getting Tired Of Death Threats, Hate Mail”


We can agree that Amalie Bruun’s black metal band Myrkur has been the target of pointless shit talk since her EP got big in 2014. From this we figure it’s for two years that Brunn has been tolerating hateful messages from people she doesn’t know. Imagine it, every day laying eyes on the first words of emails, Tweets, and whatever else from people who somehow believe that they wish you dead or worse.

That’s a long time and a large number of messages. But Bruun stated Monday that she’s pulling the plug. Bruun can no longer make herself accessible via social media because death threats. What fucking planet is this???

I know that some of you have noticed [that it’s no longer possible to send] me private messages. The reason for this is I am getting tired of the death threats and hate emails. Believe it or not, but that shit loses its charm after a while. I am of course sad that I then no longer can receive personal letters from supporters and fan-art in private messages, but please continue to post your beautiful pieces on this page or to my instagram @myrkurmyrkur

You’re thinking, Are the perpetrators members of the metal community? Yes, continues Bruun, specifically the metal community here in America. Goddamn it!!!!

I would never blame the metal community, since [the culprits are] mainly American men. An occasional Eastern European, but that’s pretty much it.

Fuck!! Of all the people who have any awareness of Myrkur, the hate-mailers and death-threateners must comprise only a fraction. What the fuck do these people want from Amalie Bruun? She replied to a request for comment from Noisey:

I have decided long ago to not publish any screenshots or names of the people who threaten/hate me, because I don’t wish to feed it or give them their 15 minutes of hater fame. That is the truth, I could have done it a million times, but they don’t deserve the attention. And a lot of them also use fake profiles. The ones who use real profiles are more often than not in a band themselves, so if I publish anything about them, I would also involuntarily be promoting their shitty bands. Another reason not to do it.

If anyone is interested in showcasing the hate I get, there is PLENTY of shit about me on the internet they can find. Hate videos on youtube, scroll a comment section from an article about me, or even my own facebook etc etc. There is enough to go around! (And Twitter — some writers tweet passive aggressive tweets about me, poorly hidden hate, while discrediting my talent as ‘just marketing’ or ‘just because she is a woman in a male-dominated genre.’)

It’s hard to know what you can do to help. Over time, we’ll get better at managing it, the same way we invented seat belts. A change can’t be legislated, nor can a feeling go away once we’ve abolished the means to express it. But death threats and harassment are illegal, why isn’t Bruun safe from them? What is wrong with us and why are we yelling it at her? Look in the mirror.

[via Metal Insider]

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