Bruce Dickinson To Release Limited Edition Beer This Year


These days, it’s easy to think that Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson isn’t quite the metalhead he once was, given that he’s a cancer survivor who helps special needs kids and sells private jets at Harrods. But thankfully, Bruce knows where he comes from, and has decided to lend his name to something that metalheads truly need: more beer!

Dickison has announced that he’ll be teaming up with Robinson’s, a Cheshire brewery, to release a beer that will be “somewhere between a stout and a porter.” The as-yet-unnamed brew will drop sometime late this year.

This will be interesting. Any metalhead who hasn’t been living in complete isolation over the past five years has tried Trooper, Iron Maiden’s flagship ale, so the band obviously has a good track record when it comes to beer. Then again, Trooper is golden and easily drinkable, while Dickinson has always had a penchant for going hard on the traditional British side of things, and if you’ve ever had British pub ale, you know it’s often dark, heavy, and flat — much more appropriate for some soul-searching by firelight than keg stands.

Anyway, keep your eyes out for Dickinson’s new beer (along with his new solo album). No matter how dark or intense it is, I’m sure Maiden fans will find a way to chug it with the horns raise.


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