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Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe is Working on TWO New Books

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn via Randy Blythe's Instagram
Photo Credit: Travis Shinn via Randy Blythe’s Instagram

On Episode #129 of the MetalSucks Podcast we hosted special guest Randy Blythe of Lamb of God. Randy spoke about how he maintains his cool in the face of all the crap he’s had to deal with the past few years, his struggles with addiction, his retirement plan and what’s in store for 2016. Including the revelation that, following the release of his memoir Dark Days that recounts his time in a Czech prison, he’s already working on TWO new books! He also claims that there’s no well in hell he’ll be touring with Lamb of God when he’s 60 years old… although he hopes to continue writing.

Says Randy:

I’m working on two books right now. I’m editing a photo book; there will be an announcement about that some time in 2016. And I’m working on a novel. I’m getting all that in shape. It’s hard to write when I’m touring so much. Being on a tour bus and traveling around, it’s not really conducive to the super-isolated, nerdy environment I need to write seriously. I always had this dream that I was gonna write in cafes like Hemingway did in Paris in the ’20s. I’ve tried to do that, I’ve tried to write at the coffee shop, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for me. I’ve gotta be isolated. I can’t have too much outside going on if I’m trying to concentrate on writing serious prose. But yeah man, that’s definitely in the mix. I think I’m a better writer than I am a musician. I’m not gonna be in Lamb of God when I’m 70 years old but hopefully I’ll still be writing books.

Well, you say that, but nobody thought the Rolling Stones would be touring for 60 years either.

I will bet you every penny in my bank account that you will not see a 60-year-old Randy hopping around and screaming “Walk With Me in Hell.” Fuck that. That’s not gonna happen.

I can’t wait to play this back in 15 years and see. Save the clip!

Save the clip. Save it! But it’s not gonna happen. God, that would be atrocious. No one needs to witness that. Can you imagine me at 60? I’m skinny enough as it is, by then I’ll have a little gut. I’ll look like a toothpick that swallowed a bowling ball, probably bald, it’ll be atrocious. My throat will probably fall out if I do that by then.

Randy’s photography is excellent — follow his Instagram account to see some of his work — so I’m quite excitebike for that. And a novel, too? Do tell! I’m fascinated as to what the subject matter what might be. Randy has proven himself incredibly creative as a photographer and songwriter, so I can only imagine what stories lie inside his brain just waiting to be put to the written page.

More on both books as we learn it. Stream our interview with Randy on The MetalSucks Podcast below in its entirety or download it here.

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