Rotting Christ’s New Song is the Soundtrack to Conquest


The last track we heard off of Rotting Christ’s upcoming album Rituals was a little off-kilter and frantic. It delved into the band’s love of historical mysticism and ancient lore, and did so well, but it was definitely a song you had to wrap your ears around.

But the latest track from Rituals, “Ze Nigmar,” is less of a mind-bender. This song is the perfect music for marching slowly through a city you’ve conquered, your soldiers close at your back, your face curled into a triumphant sneer, the embers of your enemies’ homes and corpses fluttering through the air around you. It feels ancient, and evil, and powerful, and maybe my references for those emotions come more from action movies about the Old World than they do from in-depth study of historical texts, but damn if this song ain’t fun to listen to.

Put on “Ze Nigmar” and imagine yourself taking a throne that wasn’t yours. Rituals drops February 12th via Seasons Of Mist.

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