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Post-Engineered, Volume Two: 42 Tracks, 5 Hours of Music, Completely Free Compilation


Post-Engineered - Volume 2Last July we told you about Post-Engineered Volume 1, a mammoth 39-track, free compilation specializing in post-rock and post-metal. Like all good compilations, Post-Engineered featured known and unknown bands alike — the former to draw you in, interspersed with gems of the latter just waiting to be discovered.

Now the folks behind Post-Engineered are back with Volume 2 — again completely for free — and this version is even bigger and more impressive than the first: 42 tracks and over 5 hours of music. The new edition features less known entities than the first — So Hideous, Set and Setting, If These Trees Could Talk and Cloudkicker are the only names I recognize — but perhaps the good will of Volume 1 is such that people will be willing to give this thing a chance just on name alone. There sure is a whole lot to discover here, and it’s hard to imagine you won’t find at least a couple tracks you love. Shit, I’m just one track two and I’m digging the crap out of it — Vasudeva’s “Stop Making Yourself Miserable.”

Download Volume 2 here, and stream it at Bandcamp (or below):

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