Video: The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil Rehabbing from Bus Crash Injuries


Compared to other members of The Ghost Inside, frontman Jonathan Vigil escaped the band’s horrific bus crash in November with some of the least severe injuries: a fractured neck, broken teeth, two broken ankles and other various injuries. That those are the LEAST severe, and that he’s still in the thick of the recovery process three full months later, speaks to just how grizzly the accident was.

Vigil is just now learning to walk again, and the singer has shared some footage of his physical therapy sessions for the world to see. It’s difficult to watch a grown man walking so deliberately, and struggling to do so at that, but it’s encouraging to see him back up on his feet and giving it a go. We can only imagine how simultaneously difficult and encouraging it is for Vigil himself.

Progress. Progress everyday. Video by @kimberly_hyatt

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The same bus crash claimed the lives of both drivers, took one of drummer Andrew Tkaczyk’s legs and a couple of toes from guitarist Zach Johnson, among several other injuries sustained by each.

Gofundme page set up by MetalSucks’ own Brian Storm to help cover The Ghost Inside’s medical bills has raised over $150,000 to date, although it’s now abundantly clear that that amount won’t even begin to cover their medical treatment; they probably blew right through it in a matter of days. The Gofundme drive is still open, so please give what you can. Epitaph Records is also giving all proceeds from the sale of the band’s material directly to them without the label taking any cut, so please buy some of their music as well. Every little bit helps.

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