Carlos Santana Calls Out the NFL for Not Asking Metallica to Play the Super Bowl


Once again, Metallica were denied the Super Bowl halftime show, even though it was in their home town of SF; instead, we got Coldplay bouncing around to the tune of Indian orientalism, Bruno Mars doing a weird MC Hammer impression under a mountain of Soul Glo, and Beyoncé…well, okay, I thought Beyoncé was hardcore and looked fine as Hell. But she still wasn’t Metallica!

But while they played a huge concert the night before the Super Bowl that was streamed live online, Metallica deserve better. They’re the biggest metal band of all time, and they defined Bay Area metal. What was the NFL thinking? Why can’t the halftime show actually rock for once?

Apparently, I’m not alone in this opinion. As our buddies at Metal Injection pointed out, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, who could be seen wiling out on his axe throughout various NFL promotional bumps during the Super Bowl, posted the following message to his Facebook:

Hell and damn yes. Good on Santana for urging the NFL to actually book some cool bands for the halftime show. I mean, I’m not so sure about Steve Miller, though he speaks of the pompitous of love. But Metallica? Hell yeah. Journey? Why not. Anything I could bang my head along to, rather than watch with a raised eyebrow. God, that Coldplay performance…

We doubt Santana’s appeal will come to anything, but we’re glad he made it. We’ll let you know if you’ll get a chance to see “Creeping Death” at the Super Bowl.

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