Bring Me the Horizon Frontman Oli Sykes Destroys Coldplay’s Table at NME Awards


Late last year, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes accused Coldplay of ripping off his band’s cover art, which featured the ancient “flower of life” symbol. It seemed like a bit of a stretch at the time, and still does — of course multiple bands preaching bullshit quasi-mysticism are going to overlap using a geometric symbol. Christ, how many bands have used a pentagram as their album cover?

Well, Sykes decided to make his displeasure with Britain’s blandest band known at last night’s NME Awards in London, where BMTH were performing. During the performance of “Happy Song,” he walked into the crowd, leapt up on Coldplay’s table, and absolutely fucking destroyed it. Here, watch the video:

On the one hand, this is pretty fucking great. More metal singers should disrupt these kinds of events with destructive shenaniganery, especially in response to boring radio rock bands like Coldplay. It elevates Sykes as loose cannon in rock music; people, including Coldplay, aren’t going to forget him any time soon. And hey, it’s not as though Chris Martin and company had to sweep up afterwards.

but, how thirsty is Oli Sykes that he decided to do this? As I wrote in my original post about Sykes’ anger over the cover art, it really feels like he wants to get noticed by Coldplay. In the video, Coldplay aren’t even paying attention to Sykes as he approaches them, and it’s almost like Sykes is a little kid, leaping onto their table and screaming, “Pay attention to me! I matter!” Dude, just let that band suck and yours rule.

Anyway, apparently Bring Me The Horizon went home with the NME Innovation Award. Hopefully, for the band’s sake, Sykes won’t send it to Chris Martin with a note saying, SEE? WE DID A THING.

[via Loudwire]

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