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Bassist For Ohio-Based Black Metallers Satanicon Suspected In Murder Suicide


According to the Sandusky Register, the bassist for local black metal band Satanicon is believed to be responsible for the murder suicide that left him and his girlfriend dead.

Rafael Greaves, AKA “Grave Desecrator,” 36, was found dead in the doorway of the home of Angela Tierny, 31. Tierny was found dead at the house next door.

Below is a transcript of the call Tierny made to 911 moments before her death:

[Apparently talking to Greaves] “I’m sick of this [expletive]. This is ridiculous. I was sitting there not doing anything. I didn’t do anything!”

[To dispatcher] “Hello, my boyfriend just [expletive] threw me up against the wall by my (inaudible). He’s coming at me right now… I didn’t do anything. Drunk and goes ballistic, as always. Every [expletive] weekend I have to deal with this.”

Apparently screaming was then heard, and the phone went dead.

Though Greaves, a truck driver outside of his band, had a public penchant for Satanism and weapons as indicated by posts on his Facebook page (pictured below), Satanicon vocalist/guitarist Joe “Xaphan” Aufricht believes that it was alcohol, not metal or Satanism, that caused Greaves’ erratic behavior.

“I think it was the alcohol that drove him to do it, and not Satanism. I’m still trying to process it… I knew Ray was a little funny when he drank. I never imagined he would do anything like that.”

Tierny is survived by her nine-year-old son. Fuck.

MetalSucks sends its utmost condolences to Tierny and Greaves’ friends, family, and loved ones.

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