Papa Emeritus III Got Himself as a Cake for His Birthday


My girlfriend is a baker and cake artist — it’s actually part of her job — and so I bear witness daily to the insane things that can be done with cake these days (as well as how many pounds one pothead can put on when living in a house where there’s constantly cake around). But one thing I would never want is a cake shaped like me. I don’t know, the idea of eating my own face in cake form is just too weird. I’m sure I’d be impressed, but probably pretty weirded out over all.

But the folks at Spinefarm Records seemed to think that Ghost’s Papa Emeritus III would want exactly that. For his birthday, they got the frontman a cake rendition of his own head, courtesy of Conjurer’s Kitchen. The morbid confection was presented to Papa backstage at the London Palladium. No news yet as to how it tasted

Check out the cake below. I especially dig using a skull shape for the head to really get across the face paint design. Fuck, now I want some cake. Hey, babe?

[via The PRP]

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