Tony Martin’s Fan Very Excited About Possible Reunion with Tony Iommi

  • Axl Rosenberg

Having already made the dreams of millions of fans around the world come true by reuniting with Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osboure, Tony Iommi is now setting his sights on working once again with yet another Black Sabbath vocalist: Tony Martin. From a new piece by The Music:

“Iommi confirmed that re-releases of Headless Cross and TYR are just around the corner.

“‘We’ve held back on the reissues of those albums because of the current Sabbath thing with [current frontman Ozzy Osbourne], but they will certainly be happening,’ Iommi said.

“‘…I’d like to do a couple of new tracks for those releases with Tony Martin. I’ll also be looking at working on Cross Purposes (1994) and Forbidden (1995).’”

When asked to comment on the possibility of some sort of Sabbath/Martin reunion, fans attending the band’s recent Madison Square Garden show offered the following comments:

“Who?” -Bob Cohen, Age 47

“Wait… there was another Tony in the band besides Iommi?” -Laura Johnson, Age 24

“Who is that?” -Alex Roberts, Age 30

Still, at least one fan was excited for a new collaboration from Iommi and Martin: Paul Simmons, thirty-five-year old founder, president, and sole member of the Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath fan club. Says Simmons:

“This is a great day for rock n’ roll history. Finally, after a decade of suffering through Dio and Ozzy, I’ll get to see Iommi working once again with the vocalist who sang on Sabbath’s strongest albums. I hope they tour again, even though getting tickets will probably be a total bitch.”

We sincerely hope this works out for Mr. Simmons. Poor guy has absolutely nothing else going on in his life.


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