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Phil Labonte Has Some Interesting Thoughts on Drumpf, Hillary and Bernie


Phil Labonte long ago blocked me and everyone else at the MS Mansion on Twitter. It’s a true honor! But, seeing as his account is public, all we’ve gotta do is log out to peek inside the wondrous world of Libertarian Labonte. Fun times!

It wouldn’t be a proper Presidential election season if we didn’t have Labonte’s commentary to guide us through, and true to form the All That Remains auto-tune player has all sorts of opinions he’s been sharing with the world.

For example, that Donald Trump is a Democrat:

Hillary Clinton isn’t even worthy of being labeled a Democrat; she’s just a “turd sandwich:”

Labonte agrees with Bernie Sanders on several issues, including some related to guns:

But he does not believe in free college for all:

He hates Ted Cruz’s good looks, but not his policies:

Follow Phil on Twitter for more sage insight! Just make sure not to piss him off, lest he block you.

Finally, if anyone in the vicinity of Keene, NH wants to take gun lessons with Phil next week… here ya go:

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