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Destruction’s New Lyric Video is Angry at the Internet


Following in the footsteps of Amon Amarth, German thrashers Destruction have decided to take a stance against the worst threat the world has ever known: people on the Internet!

The band’s new lyric video, “Second To None,” is a brave denouncement of “Internet trolling, scamming, stalking, and bullying,” and nobly displays this twisted, pervasive menace as a nerd in glasses sticking his tongue out. Moreso, it compares suicides caused by cyber-bullying with Internet trolls making fun of music and bands. That’s the kind of reasonable comparison this world needs!

After all, it’s not like Destruction frontman Schmier would ever take to a social media account and publicly insult one of his peers. And come on, when’s the last time someone on the Internet has shown public support for Destruction? Man, us “frustrated losers” online could learn something from this relevant, forward-thinking band.

Enjoy “Second To None” below, which made me change my blogging ways with its courageous statement against the online metal community. I’d tell you when Destruction’s new album is coming out, but I don’t want to write anything that might upset or offend the band!


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