Sepultura And Cavalera Brothers To Play The Same Festival, Gloria Cavalera Attacks Current Sepultura Line-Up On Social Media


Given the longtime bad blood between Max Cavalera’s camp and the remaining members of Sepultura, we know some shit would most likely go down when the Cavalera brothers announced last month that they were planning to play Sepultura’s Roots in its entirety live; while the album is reviled by many as one of nu-metal’s pillars, it’s also one of the band’s most successful records. So this was never going to end well.

Well, as of today, shit got a little realer.

First of all, the line-up for the Canadian festival Amnesia Rockfest was announced yesterday, and both Sepultura and ‘Max & Igor Cavalera Back To ‘Roots” are listed as playing.

Which is shady for everyone involved, if you ask me, but especially the festival organizers. Come on, guys, did you not see that as being a problem? It’d be one thing if it was Soulfly and Sepultura playing the same fest — Down and Hellyeah did a similar thing — but this will literally be two different bands playing Sepultura songs. Seems pretty fucked up, if you ask me!

Now, if that weren’t enough, it appears that both Sepultura and Soulfly are currently touring in South America, and just today, Max Cavalera’s wife, former Sepultura manager and 9/11 insider Gloria Cavalera posted the following public message to Facebook:


Yeesh. Whether you’re a fan of Sepultura’s modern incarnation or the Cavalera brothers, you have to admit this kind of public shit-talking is totally unprofessional. I don’t care if Sepultura actually did schedule a show the same night as Soulfly in an attempt to scuttle them, this shit makes Gloria Cavalera look like a child.

If anything, she seems extra thirsty for attention by even making it a public fight. Why even call Andreas Kisser and Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. out if Max is so much better than them? Then again, this is a woman who Soulfly’s former bassist once compared to Axl Rose in her megalomania and greed, so I’m not terribly surprised.

We’ll be interested to see how Amnesia Rockfest turns out; given Gloria Cavalera’s Facebook post, I’m inclined to urge you to go see Sepultura over Max and Igor, if you’re inclined to take sides. Hopefully, this won’t get any worse, everyone will make up, and this is the last we’ll hear of it.

[via Lamboat and Blabbermouth]

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