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Avatar Post New Song of Power Metal Circus Music


I find it funny that Axl hates Avatar so much, because I find them awesome and endearing. Maybe it’s because I have a penchant for clowns, and respect that idea of wearing a goofy painted face to hide the fact that inside I’m just a jumble of loose nails and cheap schnapps.

On top of that, I really dig the music I’ve heard from their new album, Feathers & Flesh. That cross-breed of power metal, nu metal, and circus music has a jaunty madness to it that scratches that weirdo Halloween itch in me. I bet if frontman Johannes Eckerström revealed he was actually Mike Patton in disguise, Axl would suddenly jock this record’s dick like crazy.

Case in point, “The Eagle Has Landed,” Avatar’s latest from that record. This song is sort of a distillation of the band’s sound–jaunty, catchy, a little folk-oriented, with a big sing-along chorus and lyrics like, “What a sensation!” I would bounce around like a total jackass seeing this sound live, and I have no qualms with that.

Listen to “The Eagles Has Landed” below. Feathers & Flesh drops Friday, May 13th, on Century Media.

[via Metal Underground]

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