Video Premiere: Greenleaf Takes The “Golden Throne”

  • Anso DF

The band Greenleaf isn’t self-destructive. This is not a band that puts barriers between you and their music, that demands that you endure long waits or tolerate weird baggage, that feels some shade of contempt for their admirers and themselves. I love those bands, their music and its structure usually aspire to fanciness. But other bands, like awesome Greenleaf, don’t wish to hold a mirror up to our faults or unpeel their own brain. They don’t take the job of grabbing us and shaking us by the shoulders, they more clap us on the back. Elegant monosyllables, playful humor, a firefighter’s lack of neediness. It’s a light touch.

That’s Greenleaf. Even their newest videos are modestly incredible, whether trippy and animated (here) — or ingenious and naturalistic, like brand new “Golden Throne,” which today MetalSucks gets to unveil to you. Both vibes represent and explain the band as one that achieves the “technical” resourcefully (again, here) and can make the “simple” carry a heavy load a long way (below). To conceive that type of video and album takes good thinking, twice doubly so.

Greenleaf’s Rise Above The Meadow came out in February via Napalm. Get it here and here.

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