This Sick New ERRA Song Perfectly Sums Up My Sad/Happy Emotions


Erra - DriftIf there’s one great trend to emerge in metal over the past few years, it’s the mixing of screamed vocals with clean-sung melodies. We all love the screams — that’s why we’re here in the first place, right? we like the heavy stuff — but if it’s all heavy all the time it’s just too much! We need some melody to counterbalance the heaviness. It’s like chocolate-covered pretzels, you gotta have the salty and the sweet together to compliment one another.

Perhaps no band is doing this better than Erra, who have chunky, scary screams and really, well-sung, clean choruses… you can tell that this guy actually practices singing, he’s great! On “Hourglass” the guys slow things down, too, so it’s almost like you’ve got a ballad, but with screaming, and singing. I know that sometimes when I’m feeling down and I want to listen to a ballad I feel all of these emotions — sadness but also anger, and sometimes bittersweet happiness — so a song like this one is just perfect.

New album Drift comes out April 8th via modern metal kings Sumerian Records and is the first to feature new vocalist JT Cavey (formerly of Texas in July).

[via The PRP]

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