Ihsahn’s New Track is Gratuitous “Celestial Violence”


While some traditionalists may with Ihsahn would return to the grandiose black metal of Emperor, I’m a fierce supporter of his bizarre current direction. It’s such a strange amalgamation of genres and influences; like the current music of Devin Townsend, it is entirely his, without any sort of niche classification that could push the music into a pile of similar artists. Ihsahn sounds like Ihsahn, which is what most artists dream their whole careers.

Today sees Ihsahn releasing a new track via Bloody Disgusting called “Celestial Violence,” and if you were doubting the dude’s talent up until now (though given the last new track we posted about, you’d have to one hell of a holdout), you need only listen below to have your mind changed. Sure, diehard kvltists might bitch about its prettier moments, but I’d say that only displays a willful ignorance to the majesty of the song’s whole. Compelling, dramatic, multi-faceted, and best of all huge, “Celestial Violence” is like a heartbroken love song to Lucifer, a sweeping soundtrack to crushing emotional weight.

Listen to “Celestial Violence” below. Arktis drops this Friday, and you can listen to Ihsahn talk about the new album on last week’s MetalSucks podcast.

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