October Tide’s “Swarm” is a Stunning, Somber Saga

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ah, Spring! When the weather still hasn’t decided whether or not it’s going to be kind, but your allergies are already out of control anyway. What a wonderful time of year!

And while you might think that the music of a band called October Tide would be more appropriate for the autumn, as it turns out, these Swedish melodic death doomers make a perfect soundtrack for this “What the fuck I was wearing shorts yesterday and now it’s cold as fuck and pouring” portion of the calendar.

Exhibit A: their new song, “Swarm,” which is about as sunny as a hurricane. Do you enjoy bands like Daylight Dies and Mar de Grises — bands whose music is totally epic, but also totally makes you wanna take a warm bath and cut your wrists? Well, you’ll dig this for sure, then!

Check out “Swarm” below. It appears on October Tide’s new album, Winged Waltz, which comes out April 27 on Agonia. Listen to more of the record, and pre-order it, here.

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