Happy National Beer Day, Metalheads!


I fucking love beer. I love the way it tastes, I love its refreshing crispness, and I love how it cuts through the bullshit of the world. While many metalheads prefer whiskey to dull their fear of the police, I’ll always side with beer. Because who doesn’t like a cold, refreshing slice of bread to calm the shake?

Thankfully, today, April 7th, is National Beer Day! April 7th marks the day that FDR began to dismantle the vile Eighteenth Amendment (better known as the Great Bummer of 1920) by allowing people to brew, distribute, and drink beer under 4.0%. Finally, Americans could once more pound cold frosty brews, albeit weak ones.

Obviously, metal has a long history with beer. As a genre of music pioneered by blue-collar outlaws who liked to get polluted, metal culture was quick to celebrate its love of cold beer. Bands including Metallica, Motörhead, Iron MaidenCannibal CorpseMunicipal WasteBehemoth, Pig Destroyer, and Entombed (against LG Petrov’s wishes) are all in the beer game these days. Tim “Ripper” Owens gets his stolen, Vektor’s David DiSanto mishandles his to the point of it being a crime, and Kvelertak hate the varieties of it made in America. Death metal bands even love singing its theme song. Hell, here in Denver we have two metal breweries to choose from, Trve Brewing and Black Sky!

So to all you beer-drinkers and hell-raisers out there, raise your glasses, steins, bottles, cans, and drinking horns high — today is your day. Don’t drive, don’t text your ex, and don’t let any on-the-wagon jerk-offs make you feel guilty about enjoying the world’s perfect adult beverage.

From all of us here at MetalSucks, happy National Beer Day. Now chug.

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