Kvelertak Would Like Some Making Fuck, “Berserkr”


Speaking as someone who loved 2010’s self-titled debut and felt underwhelmed by both 2013’s Meir and the recent single “1985,” I am delighted to say that the band’s new new single, “Berserkr,” is really good (even if I don’t know why it’s spelled that way). I especially dig the back half of the track, which really leans into the snotty rock n’ roll side of the band — y’know, the thing that made Kvelertak so goddamn great to begin with. If the rest of their new album, Wolfman’s Got Nattesferds, is more like this and less like “1985,” well… that would be terrific!

Listen to “Berserkr” as part of a BBC interview with vocalist Erlend Hjelvik here (skip to 1:23:39 to hear the interview, followed by the song). Nattesferdcomes out comes out May 13 on Roadrunner. Pre-order it here. Their North American tour with Torche and Wild Throne begins tomorrow. Get dates here.

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